ELTA 90M Ltd. sponsored workshop- practical conference:

“„From classical pathology and morphology to molecules in breast cancer and other solid tumors with innovative products of Illumina, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Abbott Molecular and Nikon

The event is organized on the occasion of the International Day of the pathologist and will be held at RIU Pravets Resort on 17 18 and November 19, 2016, under the aegis of the National Consultant in Pathology – Prof. Savelina Popovska, MD, Bulgarian Society and the Association of Pathology.

An expanding next-generation sequencing (NGS) oncology portfolio is helping Illumina drive the revolution in cancer genomics. Our NGS and microarray technologies are among the most trusted in the world. Our sample-to-data solutions deliver high-quality, reproducible results to speed the discovery and analysis of cancer-related variants—and potentially transform the cancer care cycle.

We’re committed to advancing and individualizing the way cancer will be identified and treated. We want to partner with you in helping propel progress in personalized oncology. Together we can work toward achieving our ultimate goal: to make discoveries that will make a life-changing difference to cancer patients and their loved ones.

Legendary Nikon optics in each Nikon upright microscope provide superb images over the entire magnification range. Universal microscope objectives for multi-mode imaging applications, digital capabilities, high N.A.s and long working distances all combine for fast, smooth observations no matter what the application.



Solid Tumors

Vysis EGFR / CEP 7 FISH Probe Kit

EGFR-  EGFR abnormalities including increased copy number and amplification have been correlated with the development of many solid tumors, including non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) which is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide.

The PathVysion HER-2 DNA Probe Kit (PathVysion Kit) which is FDA approved is designed to detect amplification of the HER-2/neu gene via fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded human breast cancer tissue specimens. Results from the PathVysion Kit are intended for use as an adjunct to existing clinical and pathologic information currently used as prognostic factors in stage II, node-positive breast cancer patients. The PathVysion Kit is further indicated as an aid to predict disease-free and overall survival in patients with stage II, node positive breast cancer treated with adjuvant cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, and 5-fluorouracil (CAF) chemotherapy.

The PathVysion Kit is indicated as an aid in the assessment of patients for whom HERCEPTIN (Trastuzumab) treatment is being considered (see HERCEPTIN package insert).

HER-2/neu, also known as c-erbB2 or HER-2, is a gene that has been shown to play a key role in the regulation of cell growth. The gene codes for a 185 kd transmembrane cell surface receptor that is a member of the tyrosine kinase family. HER-2 has been shown to be amplified in human breast, ovarian, and other cancers.


Solutions from start to finish

A complete line of Thermo Scientific™ anatomical pathology equipment and consumables, from specimen collection to diagnosis. Our products include:

Laboratory equipment and consumables to support the pre-analytical phase of the testing process in Cytology

Histology products and services from gross dissection and tissue processing to slide staining and coverslipping

A comprehensive range of post-mortem examination products and services

Rabbit monoclonal antibodies that are recognized to be most advanced markers in the industry with superior sensitivity and specificity. The industry's strongest combination of price and performance, providing unsurpassed accuracy and value, and bringing much needed standardization to non-standardized patient testing environments.

Anatomical pathology product categories


Pathology Instruments

A selection of pathology instruments to help automate your laboratory workflow and save time.



Histology products and services from gross dissection and tissue processing to slide staining and coverslipping.



Laboratory equipment and consumables to support the pre-analytical phase of the testing process in cytology. From collection fluids, slides, and stains to automated stainers and slide labelers.


Microscope Slides & Specialty Glassware

Microscope slides optimized for your histology workflow, as well as labeling and coverslipping solutions.


Morgue & Autopsy Equipment & Supplies

A full range of post-mortem examination products and services. Dissecting, autopsy, and necropsy tables, sinks, refrigerators, grossing stations, and cabinetry. From simple work surfaces to fully-equipped tables.

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